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When kids experience stability in housing, it improves classroom mobility rates and education outcomes. 92% of kids who grow up in a Habitat home in Oregon graduate from high school.

Inadequate housing negatively impacts physical and mental health. After moving into Habitat homes, asthma and allergies are two conditions that dramatically improve in children, and mental health outcomes improve for the entire family. 

Research has shown a correlation between homeownership and increased wealth, with each year of homeownership resulting in an additional $9,500 in wealth that can be passed down to the next generation.

When a Habitat homebuyer purchases a home, that frees up a rental unit for someone else. We need more affordable first-time homeownership opportunities to have a healthy housing market and take the pressure off our rental market.  

Systemic inequities hamper homeownership rates for households of color because of a legacy of discriminatory housing policies and institutional barriers. More than 80% of Habitat for Humanity Portland Region’s homeowners are people of color, helping to close the homeownership gap.  

Habitat’s commitment to green building results in energy-efficient homes that are not only better for our environment but also more affordable to maintain. Finding affordable housing near their work decreases the demands on our transportation system, reducing congestion and commuting costs. 

A healthy housing market attracts businesses that depend on a range of housing options for their employees.

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Become a founding sponsor of Habitat’s inaugural Frame a Future campaign celebration.
Tour a home and engage with our vital, transformative work. Sponsorship packages at several levels include premium event privileges for you and your guests. Opportunities are first-come, first-served.

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