Homeownership Education

Homeownership classes have returned! We now offer both in-person and virtual options to better serve you. View and register for our upcoming classes here

Translation and interpretation available for classes with notice. To request translation or interpretation service, call 503-287-9529 ext. 1323. 口笔译服务  |  Chiaku me Awewen Kapas  |  अनुवादन तथा व्याख्या  |  Traducere și interpretariat  |  Устный и письменный перевод  |  Turjumaad iyo Fasiraad  |  Traducción o interpretación  |  Письмовий і усний переклад  |  Biên Dịch và Thông Dịch

Topics Include 

Financial Wellness 

Topics may include: 

  • Understanding your annual escrow analysis. 
  • Budgets: creating a spending & saving plan 
  • Managing your cash flow 
  • Building credit 
  • Debt repayment & strategies for reducing your expenses 
  • Estate planning and retirement 
  • Insurance—auto/home/life/health. 
  • Couponing 

Employment Skills 

Topics may include: 

  • Applications, resumes, cover letters, and interview skills. 
  • Negotiating a salary increase or promotion. 

Home Maintenance Workshops 

Topics may include: 

  • Planning for home maintenance 
  • Natural cleaning products 
  • Weatherizing your home 
  • Appliance maintenance 
  • Mold & pest prevention and maintenance 


Topics may include: 

  • Community involvement 
  • Neighborhood watch & crime prevention 

Health & Safety 

Topics may include: 

  • Cooking Matters at the Store 
  • Gardening 
  • Fire & home safety 
  • Disaster and emergency preparedness 

Upcoming Classes 

Questions about our program or classes? Interested in partnering with us to better serve homeowners in our education program? Please contact Matthew Misley at Matthew.Misley@habitatportlandregion.org

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