Denney Gardens

SW Denney Rd and SW Scholls Ferry Rd, Beaverton

Two Duplexes and four Triplexes for a total of 16 units. 

Located on Denney Road near the intersection with Scholls Ferry Road, Habitat purchased this land from a distressed seller who was pleased affordable homes would be built on his land. A dilapidated home on the property was deconstructed by Habitat ReStore staff to remove all useable materials and then donated to Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue to conduct a Burn-to-Learn session for their fire fighter recruits. The developed property will include sixteen homes, a playground, and a BBQ/picnic area. It also includes a protected natural area as part of the developments western boundary that will be accessible to the public and Fanno Creek serves as the northern boundary of the neighborhood. It is a short half-mile to the freeway and only a quarter mile to the Harmon Swim Center. 


  • One 2-bedroom unit 
  • Two 3-bedroom units 
  • Thirteen 4-bedroom units 


  • Earth Advantage Platinum certification for energy efficiency on all units 
  • One- or two-car garages in all units 
  • Kid’s playground, BBQ pit, and picnic area. 
  • Protected Natural Area on two sides of the neighborhood