Cultural Compact

This cultural compact was created in 2019 through a collaborative and facilitated process involving all staff. These seven elements are a reflection of what we most value about our organization, as well as what we aspire towards.


We recognize that our shared humanity connects us as employees, volunteers, supporters, and home buyers/owners. We each have unique responsibilities yet we work cooperatively towards shared success. We nurture an environment of genuine connection among departments and individuals.

Organizational Communication

We share responsibility for respectful and direct communication. As we listen to understand, we seek clarity from one another while acknowledging individual differences. We build trust among our colleagues through open and honest dialogue in order to work together more effectively.

Individual Development

We invest in our employees, volunteers, and home buyers/owners through professional development, service training, and homeownership education. We provide tools, resources, and opportunities for growth in order to have lasting impact in the communities we serve.


Organizational success and individual achievements are important to us. We believe appreciation promotes excellence so we celebrate the professional success of our colleagues, service of our volunteers, generosity of our supporters, and triumphs of our home buyers/owners.


We prioritize and maintain a safe workplace for one another, including our volunteers, home buyers/owners, supporters, shoppers, and vendors. We interpret safety broadly to include physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional safety. We embrace our broad definition of safety as it leads to a stronger and more resilient organization.


We promote a culture of mutual accountability among our colleagues, home buyers/owners, community partners, supporters, and regulators. We follow through with commitments and clearly articulate obstacles that may inhibit success. We believe internal accountability supports our organizational goals.


Our mission and history hold us accountable to respect all people, no matter their identity or background. Just as we partner with home buyers/owners to create access to generational prosperity, we also invest in the people and systems that nourish the principles of equity and inclusion. In confronting the realities of white supremacy, we have faith that the impact of our work increases as our employees and volunteers become more racially and culturally diverse.