Construction update: New beginnings just ahead for homeowners 

The fall leaves are changing, and so are the look of these Habitat construction sites across the Portland region. We’ve got the latest progress updates!  

Foster Commons

One of the ADA homes at Foster Commons, Habitat’s 40-home Pleasant Valley community.

Habitat’s 40-home Pleasant Valley community is in the final touch-up stage! Travis Schultz, the site’s Construction Superintendent, said certificates of occupancy are starting to come in and homeowners are set to move in soon.  

“The whole entire site is officially painted, so everything has color now,” he said.  

The concrete walkways have been poured, landscaping has been completed and the planting in the play area will happen in November.  

Trim out – which is adding the final touches to make systems work – is happening in the last few buildings. Electricians are putting in outlets, switches and lights; plumbers are hooking up hot water tanks and sinks; HVAC systems are being installed.  

“Within the next few weeks, all the units will have drywall, insulation and power,” Travis said.  

Alder Commons

Alder Commons, Habitat’s 8-home community in Hillsboro.

Habitat’s 8-home community in Hillsboro is now in “punch mode,” said site superintendent Greta Brown. This means the team is taking care of last-minute fixes like touching up paint and other small details.  

The ground has been tilled and plants have just been put in the yards. Greta said volunteer engagement has been great throughout the process, although now it’s mostly regulars who are resolving the final details. All of the homes in this community have 3 or 4 bedrooms on two stories, with single car garages. Affordable, family-sized homes are in particular need across the Portland metro area and surrounding communities such as Hillsboro. 

“We’re so close to the end right now,” she said. “Just tying up loose ends.”  

Century Commons

A rendering of Century Commons, Habitat’s 18-home community in southeast Hillsboro.

Our new 18-home community in southeast Hillsboro is shaping up day by day. Site superintendent Gerard Hoogeboom reported that the foundation has been poured for Building No. 1, where the Portland Youth Builders are leading the charge.  

“The next step on that building is running the sewer line, the storm drains, and the water and electricity to the foundation,” he said.  

Excavation on Building No. 2 – the volunteer-build building – is set to begin the first week of November. Gerard said the team has been approved to apply for permits for the whole project.  

When completed, the neighborhood will feature 3- and 4-bedroom townhomes as well as 4 single level ADA Ready homes. 

King City

Habitat’s 16-home community, King City, is in the beginning stages of construction

Habitat’s 16-home community in King City broke ground in September. Ian Gallagher, the site’s project manager, said the team is working on underground utilities and mass grading of the site.  

“So far, we cleared the site of brush and topsoil and graded the site roughly to where the building pads will eventually go,” he said. “We have installed our sanitary sewer system and connected it to the public system in the road. We are preparing to install the stormwater system and water system in the coming month.” 

The goal is to have site development (underground utilities, mass grading, and pave the private drive) complete by February so we can begin vertical construction.  

West Lake Grove and Taylor’s Ferry

Taylor’s Ferry, Habitat’s 17-home community in southwest Portland.

These two sites are “perfectly in sync,” project manager Leigh Armstrong said. That’s because the team is taking dirt from Taylor’s Ferry – the 17-home community in southwest Portland – and using it to place fill at West Lake Grove, the 23-home community in Lake Oswego.  

At West Lake Grove, the clearing has been finished and the next step will be to put in the road bed. At Taylor’s Ferry, the next step will be to put in the private drives.  

“This is the boring, expensive part,” Leigh said. 

No doubt the excitement will ramp up as the foundations are poured and framing begins. 

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for more construction updates on these six communities.  

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