Contribute to the Nepal Earthquake relief effort

A magnitude-7.8 earthquake and a series of powerful aftershocks have struck Nepal near its capital city, Kathmandu. Homes and buildings have been flattened, leaving an untold number of people homeless. Habitat’s disaster response teams are coordinating response operations with local government agencies and disaster relief partners, and will be assembling emergency shelter kits. Your contribution to Habitat’s Disaster Response Fund will help our efforts in assisting people affected by the earthquake and other disasters.
Habitat is responding to the earthquake in cooperation with the government of Nepal and coordinated through the Shelter Cluster’s network of relevant humanitarian agency partners.  Habitat will assemble and distribute shelter kits to affected families.
Our hearts go out to the people of Nepal and all who were affected by Saturday’s earthquake. Habitat has worked in Nepal for 18 years and has helped thousands of families in need of decent housing.  If you are interested in helping in the earthquake relief efforts please make on donation to the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.
To help with these efforts, you can donate here.

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