Join the Carpenter's Club

When you become a monthly donor, you create strength and stability for families that multiply for generations. Ongoing donations also mean less mail, no renewal notices, and the knowledge that you are helping Habitat for Humanity plan home building efforts well in advance.

Your monthly gift is essential 

Making a consistent monthly gift makes such a difference. When we know we’ll have a set amount coming in every month from dedicated Carpenter’s Club members, we can plan home building well in advance.  

Your recurring gift creates more affordable homeownership opportunities across the Portland region. 

It’s easy and flexible. Simply pick a monthly gift that fits in your budget, choose to give through your bank account or a credit card, and know that you can update your gift at any time. 

Reasons to Join 

  • Helps Habitat plan home builds well in advance. 
  • Monthly gifts help cut postage, paper, administrative and overhead costs. 
  • Auto payments deducted from your checking account or credit card make monthly donations automatic and hassle-free. 
  • One complete statement is provided for your tax purposes. 
  • Easily change or suspend your monthly gift at any time.