Friends Celebrate a Legacy of Helping Families

Many Habitat supporters who give financial gifts and spend countless hours swinging hammers wish they could give even more, but feel that there is just no more room in the family budget. With Planned Giving, Habitat supporters are able to make larger gifts than they ever thought possible.
And on a Spring morning in March, Barbara Casey arrived at the Rivergate Commons dedication ceremony to share a story about her best friend, Armanda Pinto, who left a Planned Giving gift to Habitat.
Armanda Pinto and Barbara Casey
“Social Justice was not just a word for Armanda, it was a call  to action,” said Barbara. “She always took the side of people working for rights and dignity. To her, all work was valuable and there is no greater work than to provide a home for your family.”
Armanda cherished her home more than anything, remodeling it all by herself. Her home was where she enjoyed her art and projects and it was where her best memories were made. When Armanda passed away she provided a gift to Habitat in her will as a meaningful way to create a memorial that would help other families also feel the joy of owning a safe, stable home.
Barbara will never forget the joy in the six families eyes as they were handed keys to their homes, thanks in part to the generosity of her best friend, Armanda.
“I will never forget Armanda and now there is a wonderful part of north Portland that will be surrounded by homes that she helped to build,” said Barbara. “She would be humble and yet she would be proud that Rivergate Commons is part of her legacy.”

If you would like to learn more about Planned Giving opportunities, please contact Erika Read at erika@habitatportlandmetro.org or call 503-287-9529 x16.

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