Groundbreaking Work in Southeast Portland

We’re excited to announce that we have recently begun construction of our newest 10-home community in Southeast Portland. Brooklyn Pines, located at southeast 84th and Brooklyn Street, will consist of 10 affordable homes for local low-income homeowners. This project will add to the 93 homes Habitat  has already built in Southeast Portland.
Many of the families at Brooklyn Pines have been forced to move due to rising rents, uprooting their children from their schools and friends. When children are forced to leave their schools mid-term it can cause months of lost learning as they acclimate to new teachers, students, and environments. The stability a Habitat home provides will allow these children to learn without the added stress of upheaval. Studies have shown that 92% of children who grow up in an Oregon Habitat homes graduate high school, exceeding Oregon’s high school graduation rate by 17%.

Meet some of the new residents of Brooklyn Pines:

The Vercouteren Family. Tonya, a mother of 3, has struggled to find an ADA accessible home. Her daughter, Zania, lives in a medical foster care home. Their new, accessible Habitat home will allow Zania to spend more time with her mom and two brothers.

The Ou/Chen Family: The Ou/Chens currently live in a small overcrowded apartment shared with other families. They feel very lucky to be accepted into the program and believe that owning their own home will help them provide a better education for their children.  Yan Fen said that “ good living environment can make them healthy and happy.”

The Palmer Family: Lorrie, a Portland native, is the sole provider and matriarch of her family, which includes her 16-year old niece, Robannie; two granddaughters Kaydence, age 10, and Nova, age 3; and her 5-year old great niece, Farren.  The family currently lives in a home with electrical issues, a failing roof, and plumbing problems. Their new home will provide a safe and stable place for Lorrie to raise her children.

Brooklyn Pines is located in the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood, an area that is becoming more desirable because of its close proximity to some of the best nature-based assets in the City of Portland, such as large parks and walking trails. The neighborhood prides itself on its cultural and ethnic diversity.  Residents of Powellhurst-Gilbert enjoy good schools, lots of large Douglas firs and an active, involved neighborhood association. We look forward to providing more homeownership opportunities to hardworking families in this community.

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