Home Maintenance 101: Cleaning Your Dishwasher Filter

Did you know your dishwasher filter collects grime and debris over time? While it’s built to keep your dishware sparkling clean, the filter can easily be forgotten and become unhygienic. Luckily, it’s very easy to remedy. Follow along with Habitat’s Project Engineer Ian as he guides you through nine easy steps to keep your filter clean and maintain a healthy home—no tools necessary.  


  1. Remove the bottom rack and place it on the floor.  
  2. Firmly grab and twist water spray arm counterclockwise to remove it. 
  3. Firmly grab and twist cylindrical filter to the left and remove.  
  4. Clean filter in the sink with water and a sponge/brush.  
  5. Lift out larger filter to clean in the sink with water and a sponge/brush as well.  
  6. Line up the two tabs on the large filter to set back in place.  
  7. Set cylindrical filter back in place and rotate until it sets. Once in, firmly twist filter to the right until it locks in place.  
  8. Set spray arm in place and rotate to the right to lock.  
  9. Line the wheels of the lower rack up with the tracks and roll into place.  

Stay tuned for more home maintenance tips coming your way! 

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