Home Repair Keeps Cully Homeowners Cozy

A.C. Miller Home Repair After (8)A.C. and her partner Jeanne just couldn’t keep up with the repairs their old Cully home needed.
The two share a home in Northeast Portland with their dog Jacoba. Over the years they’ve noticed issues piling up. “A lot of the old windows are starting to deteriorate,” says A.C. “In the wintertime, heat escapes badly. It’s just really hard to get to things like that, and financially it’s a big hurdle.”
Along with inefficient old windows, the gutter system was in serious disrepair.
A 0%-interest loan through Habitat’s Home Repair and Preservation program provided the Miller-Klagge family with a chance to get the repairs they needed to get their house back into shape.
Now that the work is done, A.C. sounds relieved. “It’s lifted my spirits, you know? I couldn’t afford this type of work on my own, it’s just really energized me.”
“It’s warm now,” Jeanne says with a smile. “In the winter I usually sleep with two comforters. Last night I only needed one sheet.”

Miller Home Repair Before (15)
Windows & Gutters — Before

A.C. Miller Home Repair After (47)
Windows & Gutters — After

A.C. Miller Home Repair After (35)

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