Milestones and Transformations: Tanisha’s story

Tanisha’s life has been full of transformations and she is about to undergo another life altering event: becoming a first time homeowner. By partnering with Habitat for Humanity to build and purchase her very first home, she is accomplishing something she once thought was never possible. 
At many points during her life, owning a home wasn’t at the top of her mind; she had other priorities: raising her sons, finding affordable rent, and trying to keep up with the rapid changes in Portland. As the prices of homes drastically increase year after year,  the thought of becoming a homeowner became further and further out of reach. It wasn’t until she partnered with Habitat that the path toward affordable homeownership was illuminated. 

“It’s a blessing,” Tanisha says. “Becoming a homeowner will allow me to pass on something good to my two sons.”

Purchasing a home of her own will provide Tanisha and her family long-term security and peace of mind. It is a milestone she never thought she would achieve. 
After taking an honest look at her life, she decided she wanted more for herself and her family. She went back to school and earned her Associate’s degree while working full time and caring for her sons, Michael and JaCorey. 
Rebuilding her life was not easy, but she found strength in returning to a supportive church community and put all of her trust in God to help see her through. 
When a church member encouraged Tanisha to apply for affordable homeownership with Habitat, she hesitated. She had applied seven years earlier and did not qualify and was still unsure if it was the right time to try again.. Just two weeks later, she received a letter from Habitat about open application rounds.. She felt it was an omen and decided to apply. When Tanisha got the call that she had been accepted, she was shocked.
“I just kind of sat there, I couldn’t believe it,” she says. “Now, I can decorate how I want, paint my walls and make my home my own. Such a blessing.”
When she moves into her new home in Northeast Portland, she said the first thing she’ll do is barbecue – something she hasn’t been able to do for years in her apartment. She’s already envisioning what colors to paint her walls and plans to decorate with DIY furniture and artwork. She’s very excited to start projects for her new home and looks forward to meeting her neighbors in person. 
Looking back, the woman she once was could never see a life like this for herself. So now that her future is on the horizon,  Tanisha is enjoying the simple things. “I’m just grateful, happy and enjoying my accomplishments, thanks to God.”

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