Quarterly Construction Update

Nine Homes Dedicated; Eight More Underway

Lents Landing (SE 97th and Woodstock)

“May your doors always be open and friends be always entering” is written on the wall of Adina Kibret’s future home by a well-wisher who participated in the wall-raising of the first four homes of Habitat’s Lents Landing project on June 27. Nine homes will eventually be built near the corner of SE 97th and Woodstock. Two of the nine homes will be sponsored by Walsh Constuction Co. It was also the kickoff of the first Portland Pride Build: a home planned, fully sponsored and built by the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community and friends. The Portland Pride Build home shares a wall with a home sponsored by five Presbyterian churches. Both groups are on the worksite building the homes as well as building bridges as they get to know each other and the two families that will be moving in. “Without Habitat and the generosity of all these volunteers, I never would have been able to afford my own home,” said Adina, a single mother of four boys who works in a thrift shop. The last five homes will be built in 2010.

SE Martins St. (82nd and SE Martins)

July 18 signified the end of a long journey for Robin Smith. She and four other families received the keys to their new homes as Habitat celebrated the completion of this seven-home community. The first three families who moved into the SE Martins Street community in January welcomed the four new families with open arms and hearts. As volunteers, staff, funders and homeowners chatted over a BBQ lunch, the spirit of community caused Shiwaye Fassil, who will be moving into her home with her son, to be overwhelmed with happiness. “We lived in an unsafe neighborhood,” she said. “These people here have become our family.”

Jubilee Commons (SE 197th and Stark)

“I have never been in such a safe community where everyone wants to get to know one another, and I have always wanted these types of neighbors,” said Christina Severdia, one of the newest homeowners at Jubilee Commons. The Severdia family is one of five new families to move into Jubilee Commons in June. Over 100 people celebrated as five homes were completed and the walls were raised on four more at a ceremony on May 31.
The 23-home community is slated to be finished in 2010.

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