Volunteer Spotlight: Heather Krizanac

Most people picture Habitat volunteers with a hammer in their hands and a hard hat on their head, but not every volunteer pounds nails and paints walls. Heather Krizanac has been volunteering with Habitat on a regular basis for over two years, assisting the resource department during large events such as our annual Hopebuilder Breakfast. She also works on other projects in the fundraising department and enters data into our software system.
“I am fortunate enough to have an employer—Umpqua Bank—that places a high value on getting out in the community to volunteer,” explains Heather; “We get to go out during work hours and volunteer at any nonprofit we feel strongly about.”
Heather enjoys having an inside perspective on how Habitat for Humanity functions. “There are so many moving parts going at all times.” Coming into a welcoming workspace has made Heather’s experience even more fulfilling. Everytime Heather comes into the office she is excited “to work with the same people who really put their work first and hold it very dear to their heart.” Heather proudly states that she feels like “part of the team.”
Heather is also a valuable advocate for Habitat. She is always informing people about the work the families put into the home that they buy. “These carefully selected families work hard to help build their home, and they pay for it! This surprises a lot of people to find this out.”
Heather looks forward to continue volunteering for Habitat while she furthers her career and dreams of starting a family and traveling.
“I continue to volunteer with Habitat because I believe in what they are doing—they help people find homes, not just a place to live.”

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