How to Clean Your Exhaust Fan

Maintaining a healthy home is essential to our wellbeing. From the water we use to clean our dishes to the air we breathe inside our rooms, simple home maintenance skills go a long way in keeping you and your loved ones safe and well. In this video, Homeownership Support Coordinator/IDA Specialist Shelby shows you how to clean your exhaust fan.  

Follow these 5 easy steps to keep your exhaust fan free of debris and improve the quality of air circulating in your home.  

Equipment needed: 

  • Step stool or short ladder 
  • A friend or relative to keep the ladder steady and maintain your safety 
  • A face covering or mask if your helper is not part of your household 
  • Soap and water 
  • A vacuum with a hose attachment  

Step 1: Securely grip sides of the cover plate and pull down slightly.  

Step 2: Feel for the spring clips and pinch them together to release the cover plate.  

Step 3: Clean cover plate with light soap and cold water. 

Step 4: Clean dust from inside the fan with the hose attachment on a vacuum. 

Step 5: To reattach fan cover, pinch spring clips together and insert one side at a time.  

It’s as simple as that! Stay tuned for more home maintenance videos throughout the year.   

*Note: If your exhaust fan is noisy, it is an indicator that the fan blades have accumulated excess dust and debris and should be professionally cleaned. We recommend calling your local handyman for help. 

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