HopeBuilder Breakfast Fuels Our Region’s Recovery for the Future

As we launched into our first-ever virtual HopeBuilder Breakfast, attendees eagerly tuned in to watch and support us instill hope into our community and be a solution to affordable homeownership in our region. We have visitors from across the state of Oregon join one of our biggest virtual events of the year. Thanks to each and every one of you for rallying with us to build and repair more homes for families and individuals seeking a stable life. The funds raised […]

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Rising Together: Habitat’s HopeBuilder Breakfast Goes Above and Beyond

April 24, 2019 will go down in Habitat history. From the dedicated crowd of affordable housing advocates who woke up early and turned out in high numbers, to esteemed speakers who invoked a new sense of awareness of the importance of homeownership and community, to the generosity of folks who broke bread and records with […]

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